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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 28, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. developing news from the vatican, he is the leader of the new church. and from the white house, a respected journalists what bob said about the president and sequester tracing -- and sequestering which led to a heated exchange.
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. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news >> so we have a little bit of rain? >> yes. >> there was a little bit santa rosa to ukiah, 40s and 50s for the lows, here is sal. this is a look at the sunole grade, southbound 680 traffic is moving well off to a good start, we are off to a good start in just minutes, now let's go back to the desk. santa cruz officers will start going back to work, two veteran officers are killed in
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the line of duty and we are trying to find out how that deadly tragedy unfolded. tara, good morning. good morning, that memorial continues to grow for those two fallen officers and they are sitting here on the cement, flowers, well wishers also adorn the spot. this is an area for officers who have been shell shocked and more details about the deadly tragedy are coming to light. a cell phone video captured the frantic scene. the two officers had gone to the home of jeremy for a follow- up investigation and he was armed with a gun and shot them on his door stop. we poke to the man who shot the cell video while the commotion was going on. >> i was sitting here talking to my friend and i heard pop,
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pop and i went to the front door and i saw police officers coming from every direction, high speed like out of a movie. >> investigators say he was later found wearing body armor and three guns. they believed the body armor may have come from the two fallen officers. coming up, we will hear from the officer who actually trained backer he -- baker his fallen comrade. checks can be made out to the santa cruz police officer's association and the second fund is at wells fargo bank. the police department have established the baker butler scholarship fund. now on ktvu channel 2 news,
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stay here and you can always get updates on and on our facebook page. this is pope benedict xvi's last day as pope. >> he pledged reference and -- rev reference and obedience and he told them they are the princes of the church. and they are honoring special services. san francisco plans a thanksgiving mass and there will be plans for a long
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retirement and basilica and san jose are planning a special mass tonight. he is a very senior person at the white house who threatened him saying he would regret blaming president barack obama for the quest tracing -- quest tracing. -- sequestering over the spending cuts. that generated an e-mail from the white house. >> it makes me very uncomfortable to have the white house telling reporters you are going to regret doing something you believe in. >> white house issued a statement saying no threat was intended in that e-mail. it was suggested that he would regret his statement about the sequester because it was not accurate. across the board federal spending cuts are due to kick
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in and the senate is rivalling to replace the cuts. the likely result of the senate vote and what president barack obama is doing to try to resolve the issue. they are looking for people to nip east oakland. it happened near brook dale park. the three people who were hit are expected to survive. but the driver also hit a house. >> there were three girls laying on the grass. the ambulance was dealing with them and it was crazy. >> police believe the suspect was driving a stolen car and anybody with information is asked to contact oakland police. time now 5:05, they were asking for witnesses after a high school student was walking to school. janine de la vega has more on what we are learning about this accident and the teen's
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condition, jeanine? >> reporter: well, pam, let me tell you this is a 4th incident that happened in the 200 block near villa street. it is a highly used thoroughfare when a car traveling southbound hit him. he was on his way to mountain view academy and he was rushed to the hospital and treated for injuries. he failed to yield to the wed deadian. mountain view police have been ramped up an injured near three different crosswalks near castro street. in those incidents it appears
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children were at fault but they have proposed decoy operations for motorists failing to stop at crosswalks and intersections. now back out here live, we have put in a call to mountain view police to talk about their enforcement today and we know that the police department is asking for anybody who might have been a witness to this particular accident to give them a call and help them with their investigation. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> time now 5:07, we go from there straight to sal, it is early and quiet. we had a couple of minor things, a couple of minor accidents, i would say we are off to a good start, you can enjoy it certainly there are
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people out there but nothing major and you can see the bay bridge toll plaza is light coming up to the pay gates. and we are looking at traffic that is moving well on the pass and from 880 to fremont we are off to a good start and when things pop up we will let you know. let's go to steve. we have coastal low clouds, a little bit put they are there. it looks like high clouds and tropical, and it does look like it will make it. my confidence is high on this one. forecast models are in sink.
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yesterday this time we had 30s. due to cloud cover, everybody is on the mild side. they are now moverring into the northeast, it is mostly snow, and we sit here and we are dealing with a lot of active weather, most of us is lifting north and it is just a few high clouds, but a dry pattern and warm temperatures, now we don't really have the breeze, mostly fair, pittsburgh and beyond danville pleasanton 70 walnut creek 5 gilroy, 72 morgan hill, fremont 68, 70
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redwood city, palo alto woodside half-moon bay 63, maybe there will be down slope heating. anyway 63. then we will have high clouds saturday and sunday and monday big changes next week. >> plus, remember that meteor that exploded over russia that shocked the world, well now we know it's not just any old meteor. .. >> we will tell you what is going on in the bay area and we will have another look at your weather forecast.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:12, the meteor that blew up in the skies in russia last month really made waves. we are talking about sound waves. the meteor unleashed a low frequency rumble that reached across the entire globe. it was far below what humans can hear but it is giving them new clues about the meteor that injured more than 1,000 people. they are asking the federal government to speed up aid to those who experienced hurricane
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sandy. they are processing it too low and they said it is unacceptable. more than 100,000 storm victims have filed claims through the government programs. it is just hours before spending cuts become law and today senators will vote on ways to avoid -- avoid sequester tracing. they are saying they are trying to avoid these sweeping automatic cuts. >> reporter: they want 55 billion in cuts and another 55 billion in increased tax revenue but republicans refuse to raise taxes and now they will require 85 billion in cuts the same as quest tracing -- quest tracing and they are giving him a deadline of march
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15th. now 85 billion in cuts become law tomorrow. >> it is conceivable that the first two weeks, first month, a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester. >> the president warns it will be a big hit on the economy and he is meeting with the top four congressional leaders including nancy pelosi but some are questioning the timing of these meetings because it is after they become law but it is simply a scheduling issue but with this becoming law tomorrow, there is still time to reverse these cuts and i will explain that when i see you next. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. many here are bracing for the cuts and that includes $45 million statewide to a program which gives free healthy meals
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for senior citizens on fixed incomes. air traffic control letters may have to take furloughs every two weeks and 8,200 children across california will be kicked out of head start program which subsidizes preschool. a man accused of killing his nine-year-old son with a hatchet is scheduled to be arraigned. he was asleep when his father attacked him. he was prior convictions for violence and had been fighting with the boy's mother for custody. he is accused of setting his girlfriend on fire. he is charged with multiple life terms and he has pleaded not guilty. authorities say he doused his girlfriend with gasoline and set her on fire after the two
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argued. the 25-year-old victim is still in the hospital with life- threatening burns and they are expected to set a preliminary hearing for a oliver. they may be is toed to close down and the medical center has projected a $10 million deficit this year. they are trying to reduce the deficit by laying off 22 employees and consolidating but unless it can merge with another healthcare organization or raise more revenue it will probably close with in a year. mike tie sons will be in for his one year play now the show takes a look at where he earned and lost hundreds of millions of dollars and it is being directed through saturday
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night. right now it is 5:17 and it is time to check the toll plaza, something going on? >> we want to make sure it is still light, pam and dave, westbound bridge -- westbound bridge minimal delay and there are no problems on the bridge, they did clear that problem away quickly and i want to mention the traffic on the bridge also looks good incase you are wondering. moving along to the 880 split no problems and a big-rig and a couple of other cars are tied up and we will try to find out more of this, 680 and southbound to the inn distribute you' all, -- industrial, you might want to give yourself more time, let's go to steve.
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we have low and high clouds watch where this system is driving and tomorrow it looks sunny and very, very warm. tomorrow will still be warm. the weekend will see some changes. high and mid-level clouds coming in and it will be a cooler day and next week, first week of march looking cooler. i mean very mild lows, we will be out of the gate fast, once we get cranked, we go to cent city and high mid-level clouds and they are continuing to produce a lot of snow. great lakes and even the ohio valley and parts of the southeast, look at that, right there, except for a few high clouds, it will be fair and warm. i tell you, there is a lot of
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moisture a lot of them are mid- 70s and it will be a very mild day and if you do anything outside i think you will notice a little added humidity as well. mountain view also redwood city, warm on friday and saturday, we will cloud it up saturday, warmer and partly sunny. european markets are headed hire after yesterday's report on housing. overnight, they were also encouraged by those reports as well as fewer worries over japan's government. checking in on our numbers, right now the future indicate a slightly higher opening. nasdaq and s&p 500 also gained some ground. apple did not take part in that
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rally and the stocks slipped after they addressed shareholders at yesterday's meeting. shares are down 37% since heating a peak in september. it will open at less than $445 per share and that slide has wiped out 245 billion. >> how much? >> 245 billion. the new report that links eating breakfast to success in life. a chance to take the lead... >> boy, it was quite a night, making history at new york's madison square garden.
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. welcome back, a new study finds the drugs will not hurt the fetus but many have decided not to take anything for fear of side affects and no drugs are approved for morning sickness but doctors are able to prescribe whatever they think will work best for their patients. breakfast will impact children's economic breakfast. they will store higher on
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standardized tests and miss fewer days of school. they will also likely earn more money later in life. the study was done by share our strength, an organization to end hunker. -- hunger. they are making an announcement to save the city's fight. they are expected to very veal the investors they have lined up to stop the kings moving to seattle. some fear the move is too little too late and they are selling to seattle. last night's performances, the only thing more special would have been the wind. >> he is going back around. >> curry was ridiculous.
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54 points against the u.s. knicks in madison square garden den just like that. the most points scored since 1984. he made a team record of 11.4 shots but they didn't have david lee who was suspended. the warriors ended up losing to the new york knicks, 109-105 but he was on fire. sal and i were talking about that earlier -- >> they have bow get and lee. >> well, sal, you were telling us about an injury crash? >> yes, that's right, it's on industrial and it's southbound and if you are going to venetia bridge and you happen to be in an area where you can use 780 instead of 680, if you just
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give yourself an extra five minutes you can get by because the lanes are not blocked and the activity on the shoulder and center divide so it will be a little slow to that area. this is the part of the south in fremont on the sunole grade but that traffic does look good. let's go to steve. >> a lot of low clouds. 40 to near 50 degrees. there was a little bit of rain and everything is pushing north so clouds will clear out, kind of muggy maybe today. >> well, i am just looking at some news here. >> well, i am looking at it with you. the long wait is over for a bay area family searching for relatives in south america. the message they finally received and how it has put their fears to rest. in just a few hours our board of directors will vote on
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parking fees, we will tell you how bart riders are reacting this morning. and we will tell you more about the fate of those two santa cruz police officers.
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. well, good morning, welcome back. it is thursday, february 28th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for joining us, steve is also here -- steve is
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also here. we will have a little bit of rain. >> what about this weekend? >> well, lots of clouds cover over us. 30s and 50s and we will end up with mostly sunny skies to low 70s. southbound 680 on the way to the venetia bridge, there is a crash on the soldier near inn just you' all. there it is -- industrial. i think it will be better if you avoid that area, we will tell you more about it coming up. >> police officers -- police officers in santa cruz will begin returning to work after a loss of two veteran detectives killed in the line of duty. we are learning more about how the deadly encounter unfolded. a cell phone video came and two
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de-- detectives had gone for a follow-up on a man, the man grabbed the officers' weapons and shot them on his doorstep. >> we know now he was distraught and we know now he had intentions of potentially harming people and/or the police. >> investigators say he was later found wearing body armor and carrying three guns and the body armor came from the two fallen officers. we also learned he worked at the coffee shop for about nine months. he was fired last fall after missing work for a couple of days. he also described him as creepy who made many customers uncomfortable. he also lived for a time in berkeley with his twin brother. many santa cruz police officers are going back to work
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and attended a very emotional vigil last night. >> [ music... i once was lost... music ] >> the police chief wiped away a tier during that ceremony. baker was a husband a father of 2 daughters and serving as a community service officer and he was working with butler, a mother of two young children. >> it has gotten so bad here and we are really concerned for our daughter's safety. >> it will likely be a joint funeral sometime next week. sheriff's deputies will be filling in for police this time
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tomorrow morning. and on santa cruz, we will always be here on air and on line. and we can always get updates on facebook. it happened at 1:00 yesterday afternoon on montgomery drive a hit-and-run. police found the victim lying on the side of the road. the suspected to be driving a mercedes and may have front end damage. if anybody has information call detectives. we have an important public hearing happening later, claudine? >> reporter: we are in san francisco at the embarcadero and we have been talking about
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the fair increase and the vote is expected and will be over at the board meeting this fair will affect riders directly and here is what is imposed, there is an inflation based everybody crease -- based increase that will end in 2016, 218 and 220. -- 20/20. we are also talking about a parking rate increase 1 -- increase, 1 to $8 and it will generate hundreds of millions of dollars and riders are not search happy but one tell us there is not much they can do about it. >> we all have to go to work but riders cannot do anything
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about it. >> there will be a final vote. >> reporter: they need a two thirds vote on the board to make this happen and they have to find other forms lars to get their capital and if it does not come they will have to have a larger fair increase down the road or they would not buy new railcars. we will have more coming up on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. the popular street festival returns tomorrow but there will be changes because of the violence. it will officially end an hour earlier than before. the event held a long telegraph avenue will no longer stretch down 16th street and instead it will be concentrated between
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west ban end avenue and telegraph. coming up, what the mayor said about adding more police officers to the streets. a missing couple once lost now is found in peru. the relatives of the mission couple is relieved to know they are alive, here is reaction from their family. they were thought to be missing in peru after they did not use social media. but yesterday they used it to let their family members know they were alive. they were constantly posting about their whereabouts and
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when they didn't post anything, the family became worried and there was limited communication but there was legitimate concern because they issued a travel warning to say they were going to be issuing concerns knowing there are kidnappers going on down there. >> we cannot describe the hope, the emotion and the relief and exhaustion we are feeling right now. >> they were surprised to learn about the commotion they caused by not keeping in touch and we hear they will be in the studio and we will have portionels of our video coming up on the 6:00 hour. moussaoui. a -- ktvu channel 2 morning news. a follow-up to the broken
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water-main, crews will return to 50th avenue to repair that damaged road. a 61-year-old cast iron pipe burst open and we were showing you incredible flooding about two dozen homes, creating a 30- foot sinkhole, they don't know if the problem was caused by the pipe's age or the sewer line. 6 homes are now yellow tagged meaning there is structural damage. it is causing some currents over business owners between union and mcalester. the idea is to cut down on collisions and make room for bicyclists. the changes would not be implemented until 2015 but a test run is scheduled for later
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this year. time now 5:39, what is happening in contra costa county? >> on 680 and 24, it is slow coming out of the on jobbing area -- antioch area and there are no major problems from pleasant hill however there is a crash in venetia and we will tell you about that coming up but that crash in venetia is on the shoulder and for the most part it's not causing a major delay, let's go to steve. a little bit of rain fell, not much but a couple of 100s in lake county, the system is already lifting, a lot of low clouds and still holding on
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eureka north, mostly sunny and warm, cooling trends starts on the weekend, we will have is more of a westerly breeze. no 30s to be found,s close for some, even the higher clouds in redding which is not bad for them. the clouds are already beginning to lift and partly sunny skies, more sun to the south, storm track stays north until next wednesday and it's a dry pattern until then, mild to warm temperatures under mostly sunny skies, once it clears out, the humidity is up too and 60s to 70s on the temperatures, temperatures will be warmer to the south, santa cruz, lots of upper 70s and in livermore and
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los gatos, cooler partly sunny skies next week and looking cooler. a case of mistaken identity, the controversial left behind causing a shooting on the las vegas strip. it will be closely watched by gay rights supporters right here in the bay area. traffic does look good if you are driving out to the high- rise and foster city, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. stay tuned.
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. good morning, a lot of high and low clouds, it will be partly sunny to mostly sunny mild and warm. here is a look at some of
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the top stories, police in santa cruz are going back to work this morning this after mourning the loss of two veteran detectives killed in the line of duty. they are holding a vigil for the two fallen officers and we will have much more on how the deadly encounter unfolded coming up at the top of the hour. pope benedict xvi has a little more than five hours before he steps down as pope. he urged cardinals to work together to find his replacement. he promised reference and obedience to his successor. spending cuts on billions will kick in tonight and the senate is aimed at replacing those cuts but neither bill is expected to pass. new information in that deadly shooting on the las vegas strip. we are learning howard is no
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longer a person of interest in the case. she was with lamar harris at the time of the shooting but they are not saying why howard is no longer under investigation but it appears police may have released the person of interest. one time this picture is not of howard but it is malik from the star on the bad girl's club. the picture was found on the suspect's phone. she met him in miami but they have not kept in contact. he is accused of being in the car on the las vegas strip. coming up, a member mother you' all service was held where a man was killed by a shark earlier this week. about 150 people attended the service including the victim's wife and 2-year-old
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daughter, beaches are now closed as the hunt continues for that 14-foot long shark. he was training for an endure answer -- endurance swim. a man living in an apartment in jefferson called to report a strange smell coming up through his carpet yesterday afternoon. firefighters went to the area and they say the smell was not natural gas. they said a contractor was treating grass but they are not sure if that was the source of that smell. obama administration faces a deadline today to decide if it will take a stand on proposition 8, the ban on same- sex marriage. they are scheduled to hear oral arguments on march 26th and gay
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rights supporters are filing what is called a friend of the court brief urging them to overturn proposition 8. they call it the federal defensive act but so far they have not weighed in. now several silicone valley giants are also weighing in on the marriage case. google, or call, -- oracle and others are filing a friend of the court brief and they are creating two systems of workers benefits. one of heterosexual -- hit row sexual -- heterosexual couples. and one for same-sex marriages. two more academies are planned and a new class of cadets will graduate in a few weeks. this is a statement by mayor
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jean quan. >> we have funded as many as we can and that's not fast enough for both of us. >> mayor jean quan said she plans on having to free up sworn officers and mayor jean quan highlighted the positives including the housing market, jobs, and gains. you can find out more on our website just look for the top page. 580 and 880 are having a decent morning, this is 880 oakland, right near the coliseum seem, also the morning commute is looking good as you get up there all throw it is
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getting more traffic and -- traffic and san mateo and 92 is still a short drive. let's go to steve. santa rosa north and parts of the north bay mendocino and lake counties are all gone and still the high clouds are in place. right there, oh, it fell apart but still the mere fact that it made it, that is a hint that changes are brewing and it will not lap until next week. -- not happen until next week. take your pick, oakland airport is 50, upper 40s for many and yesterday we had lost 30s. high clouds will clear out and linger but the humidity and muggyniness will continue and definite lit some upper 60s and 70s, not as breezy, good old
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humidity to lower 70s. 66 in oakland, pore began hill 71 -- morgan hill 70, palo alto 68 and 60s on the coast and a mild pattern on friday, tropical clouds saturday, cooler on sunday and even cooler on monday. >> thank you, steve. >> there is a report that boeing and the company who makes the lithium batteries disagree on how to resolve the battery issues. they want to include a voltage regulator to stop electricity from entering it. it will cause a greater cooling capacity and all the dream liners are still grounded and has been since mid-january after a battery fire. they are capping how much music you can listen to on your
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mobile device. you can have up to 40 hours of music at no charge, after that it will cost 99-cents a month. and the royal tells you have increased 2 5% in the last year. why they are fragging down -- flagging down technology trying to beat back competition from the private car companies. we will have more coming up stay tuned.
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. time now 5:54, we should fine more about the snow pack and the resources are expected to conduct their third confirmed readings to say snow pack is just 68% of normal. the snow pack supplies a third of california's water supply. they are not talking about the impending trade dash we are hearing from -- we are hearing from his mom and he is excited
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to play for the new coach but it is bittersweet because her son was finally playing well until he lost the quarterback job after suffering a concussion. san francisco national airport is worrying about a scam who uses its name. they are looking to take yorkshire terriers an offers air transports related to crates, vaccines or insurance. the request is sent in an e- mail which is allegedly sent from the ss o department and they say there is no such agency. they are quite happy about a new mobile app. that would make it more convenient for people who have been turning to apps but those
5:59 am
drivers on it have to make anything. it is a way to still maintain dispatch centers. >> we have a new trap. sal castaneda. >> i hope i don't disappoint you guys. getting up to highway 17 that traffic is looking good in the santa clara valley and we have a very nice looking commute and also the commute looks good if you are driving on the sunole grade, we have not had a lot of problems but the peak of the commute starts getting very heavy, let's go back to the desk. coming up next in our 6:00 hour, emotional police officers are returning in santa cruz after morning the -- mourning the deaths of their fellow officers. one bay area community in particular


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